Fuck is wrong


Fuck is wrong

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Sometani Shota for MEKURU vol.3 by Chikashi Suzuki


Sometani Shota for MEKURU vol.3 by Chikashi Suzuki

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she’s following me around the airport


iconam : ohta


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jessepinkmanisdreamy asked: Hey, Arabelle. I wanted to talk with you about something because I know you're a feminist and a make up artist. I've always rejected the idea of wearing make-up because I wanted to be as natural as possible (in this behaviour my father had a great influence). So I've been carrying a washed face almost all the time. Now I'm 25 and see some signs of aging in my face. I'd like to wear make up, but I feel like cheating or lying to others. Has something like this happened to you?. Thanks and kisses!


Nope. I have never approached makeup from the standpoint that natural is inherently more beautiful or authentic. I am staunchly #teamfake. I don’t care for the whole “beauty is an industry directed purely for the male gaze / fight the system by not wearing anything at all” boat. Nope. You can be a horrible and ugly person inside and be “beautiful just the way you are”, you can be a very untrustworthy person and be all about “au naturale”. I also think the idea of upholding naturalism as this great ethos doesn’t give space for trans people who use makeup to help them express their gender. the whole natural/feminine association is meant to make women seem literally, actually, historically crazy. beauty has always been seen as unreasonable. this is misogynist. i do not stand for it. and put another way, makeup totally helps people express their truth. a person using it to become themselves is not lying. your identity, it is an event. you become through intention and choices. starting from zero doesn’t mean you are point zero — you are more than your naked body. it is not a lie to manipulate your body through mediums in which you feel like you are becoming yourself. and frankly, that is me being very zen about it. in reality, i really don’t give a fuck if i’m presenting “false advertising” to someone through makeup. i am constantly misread all the time anyway, as straight, as cis, as femme, as 100% white gurl. it is totally not my priority to play into people’s basic assumptions of me by not using makeup at all. it would just make people misread me at a starting point that i don’t feel i really am anymore. i use makeup to deal and negotiate myself into an identity i can survive and thrive in and this is not lying. i might be queering aesthetics, which i guess is cheating the system of tools in which i use — and so the fuck what if i am. not using beauty products doesn’t make someone inherently more morally sound than me. it just makes them poorly moisturized. 

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y’all be using words like “problematic” to describe porn when it’s one of the most oppressive, dehumanizing, violent industries that actually have blatant agendas (that they succeed in and make billions of dollars in) to make the female body into a product and continue the subordination of women.

y’all always wanna talk about stoya and ignore the overwhelming stats and accounts from everyone else who says it’s violent, dangerous, exploitive and evil…

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shanghai tomorrow


these hands up hong kong and ferguson comparisons are such a reach, like y’all are really pulling a muscle to compare these two situations together. you want to talk about global police brutality and lack of democracy? fine. but you don’t get to remove the context of anti black racism from ferguson so you can get some notes on a photoset

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